R & D platform

R & D platform

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Since 1989, we took the lead in establishing a natural research institute in China, and we initiated an assault to the strategic highland of international natural plant extraction.


Relying on the responsibility of "allowing Chinese people to eat healthy and natural food" and the desperate spirit of "swearing to not reach the goal", we have overcome the technological barriers and smoothed down the technical barriers. With basic research and development, application-oriented In the exploration, Zhongda Hengyuan took the lead in realizing the mass production of natural food additives, and established a technical advantage in the field of natural plant extraction.


Natural pigments are only the first step of Zhongda Hengyuan in the industry. In terms of natural plant extraction, we also have many open patents.


In various places, dozens of academicians and doctors and nearly a hundred professional and technical personnel continue to maintain the technical advantages of Zhongda Hengyuan.

Thirty years of hard work is an innovative course of Zhongda Hengyuan's unswerving pursuit of excellence. All aspects of compound products, natural functional ingredients, natural flavors and fragrances, plant printing and dyeing, animal substitute products, etc., what you see behind it is a comprehensive manifestation of the scientific and technological strength of Zhongda Hengyuan

Ingenuity gathers strength, hard work achieves dreams. As you can see, Zhongda Hengyuan has applied advanced natural plant extraction technology to our full range of products to accelerate the process of industrialization and standardization. With a strong R&D team and advanced production testing equipment, intelligent, modular, and integrated production control systems, we have established strategic partnerships with many well-known companies at home and abroad. The product quality has a solid guarantee and has been at the forefront of the market.

Our corporate mission of “let you anjoy a healthier life,bring more taste to you,make your dream more clorful” has been cast in the whole process of brand building, optimizing the malleability and affinity of the brand, and making Zhongda Hengyuan the best brand in the industry. The value of gold content makes the Zhongda Hengyuan brand become the strongest driver to boost the confidence and ability of the enterprise's development. Let the Zhongda Hengyuan brand be like a work of art, more popular with our consumers. Zhongda Hengyuan is a chaser extracted from the world's natural plants and becomes one of the leaders in the future.

Work together to create miracles and build a dream of rejuvenation. Dare to fight, dare to be, dare to show, dare to dream, live up to your youth, and stand up to the fore.

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