Detection platform

Detection platform

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Zhongda Hengyuan Biotechnology Stock Co., Ltd. has a testing center with a unique corporate structure, a testing platform of 1,500 square meters, and 300 testing equipment. There are more than 20 employees, including more than 80% of employees with a bachelor degree or above, and more than 30% of engineers and above. It has a professional testing team with a combination of old, middle and young people.

Advanced testing equipment

The total value of the equipment and equipment of the testing center is more than 50 million RMB, which supports the testing center to become a multi-dimensional technology platform including testing business, method development, standard revision formulation, and customer consultation. Equipped with time-of-flight mass spectrometer, gas chromatography-mass spectrometer, liquid chromatography-mass spectrometer, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer, near-infrared analyzer and other precision analytical instruments, as well as ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer, gas chromatograph Conventional instruments such as active ingredient content, solvent residues, illegal additives, environmental pollutants, pesticide residues and other major detection capabilities can meet the ultra-trace analysis of one-eleventh level.

 Excellent detection ability

In 1989, the company established the Natural Research Institute of Zhongda University. In 1995, "Plant Extraction Research" passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal of Henan Province and was awarded the title of Henan Province High-tech Enterprise. In 1996, a series of natural pigment products with gardenia yellow as the main body entered the market. In 1997, the Institute of Botany of Zhongda University was reorganized and introduced a series of advanced testing methods. In 1999, the first batch of ISO9000 quality management system and HACCP safety management system were introduced. In 2011, the milk and milk laboratory passed the national CNAS accreditation, and in 2018, it obtained CMA certification. It has accumulated a wealth of testing technology in food, food additives, agricultural products, feed, Chinese medicine, etc., with excellent testing capabilities, which effectively guarantees the timeliness and accuracy of data in the entire process from laboratory test to industrial production, thereby ensuring the reliability of product quality It can provide customers with one-stop testing technical consultation and services.

Perfect traceability management of the entire industry chain

The company attaches great importance to the establishment of a traceability system. It has passed the ISO9001 and other four system certifications, halal MUI certification and BRC certification, and has passed the "Plant Extract Quality Supplier" certification jointly carried out by the China Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). Refine the relevant management clauses in various systems, continue to carry out traceability system construction and drills, promote the improvement of the company's traceability system construction, and help ensure the safety of the entire food industry chain.