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Sincere charity and charity, sincere charity to help the poor


The company has always been committed to sustainable development, has the courage to assume social and moral responsibilities, regards economy, ecology and social responsibility as equally important corporate policy goals, and achieves a balance between economic development, environmental protection and social progress. Actively donate money and materials, relieve the poor, and help others. Since the establishment of the company, it has arranged nearly a hundred handicapped companies for employment, arranged jobs within its capacity, carried out practical technical training for enterprises, and promoted local solutions for families with weak labor and half labor. Employment, guide them to help the poor with ambitions, get rid of poverty with technology, and make their own contributions to the nation's poverty alleviation!


At present, the company has about 20% of the total number of employees with disabilities, who are distributed in front-line production positions, and have made due efforts and contributions to the company's production security.