Green industry and reduce carbon emissions

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Green industry and reduce carbon emissions


The company has forward-looking thinking, overall planning, and strategic layout. It implements the "four-step control method" of source reduction, process emission reduction, end governance, and recycling, and establishes a full life cycle traceability system, so that the source can be traced and whereabouts can be verified , Nodes can be controlled to achieve green production and quality and safety control of the entire industry chain. An online carbon emission monitoring system has been established. In its independent raw material planting and breeding bases, the company has implemented standardized management centered on seedlings, fertilization, pesticide application, harvesting, processing, and transportation. It has realized large-scale planting and breeding of raw materials, standardized management and base supply, and planting at the source. , Breeding safety is effectively controlled. In the production process, through the use of advanced manufacturing tooling technology developed and owned by the company, through upgrading and transformation, process innovation, and technical means, the production process is optimized to save energy by more than 40-60% of all steaming tanks and reduce the pressure of terminal treatment.