Circular economy

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Develop a circular economy and form a closed loop of resources


The company attaches great importance to environmental protection and the comprehensive utilization of resources, adhering to the circular economy concept of "eat dry and squeeze out" plant resources, and reuse the waste generated in the previous production process as raw materials in the next production process, continuously recycling, forming a closed loop . Such circular transmission not only avoids the pollution of waste to the environment, but also utilizes resources. The waste produced by plant extraction is fermented, dried and separated to develop animal health feeds and alternative products; adopt the international cutting-edge plant extraction technology to comprehensively develop and utilize tobacco waste to produce tobacco flavors and fragrances and feed them back to the cigarette industry, which not only reduces This reduces the pollution of chemically synthesized flavors and fragrances to the soil and the environment, and at the same time reduces the cost of cigarettes. The residues are made into agricultural organic fertilizers and biological pesticides, which greatly reduces the drug residues of food crops and reduces the harm of pesticides to the soil.