[On-site report] 2021 China Baking Sugar Association National Jelly Industry Annual Meeting and Summ

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8:00 The "2021 China Baking Sugar Association National Jelly Industry Annual Conference and Summit Forum" will open at 9:00 am on June 3, 2021.


8:05 This meeting is hosted by the China Bake Sugar Association Jelly Professional Committee and undertaken by Henan Zhongda Hengyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


8:10 China Bakery and Sugar Products Industry Association is composed of bread, pastry, biscuits, candy, chocolate, rock candy, frozen drinks, convenience food, candied fruit, snack food and other industries, as well as related enterprises and companies, food machinery, scientific research institutes A non-profit social organization formed voluntarily by institutions, universities, local related industry organizations, and trading companies that distribute raw and auxiliary materials and equipment for bakery and sugar products. The association is supervised by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

8:20 The main agenda of the meeting includes: special reports, China Roast Sugar Association's work report in 2020 and work points in 2021, notifications on relevant food safety standards and regulations, and the participants exchanged on the status quo, existing problems and development directions of the industry and enterprises Discussion and other related matters.

8:30 This annual meeting and summit forum will be attended by the chairman/general manager or relevant person in charge of key enterprises in Jelly and related industries.

At 9:00, the leaders and guests arrived at the meeting, and the meeting was held on time at 9:00. China Bake Sugar Association Chairman Zhang Jiukui, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General Zhang Shuai, China Bake Sugar Association Deputy Secretary-General, Puffed Food Professional Committee Secretary Zhang Bin, Frozen Drinks Professional Committee Deputy Secretary Li Ruiguang, China Bake Sugar Association Technical Regulations Committee Secretary-General Wei Lili and more than 70 representatives from more than 50 units in jelly industry production and related enterprises, scientific research institutes, and media attended the meeting. .

The 9:02 meeting was presided over by Li Ruiguang, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Bake Sugar Association Frozen Drinks Professional Committee.


9:05 Wen Yanjun, Chairman and General Manager of Henan Zhongda Hengyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. delivered a welcome speech.


Ms. Wen: The "2021 National Jelly Industry Annual Conference and Summit Forum" was grandly opened. On behalf of Henan Zhongda Hengyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd., I would like to extend a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the guests and friends who participated in this forum!


Ms. Wen: The development concept of a healthy China has risen to a national strategy, and is focusing on the current food industry transformation and upgrading-the general trend of "fast consumer food functionalization and fast digestion of functional food". The holding of this forum fully demonstrates the political acumen of the association's leaders With accurate judgment of the market, the selected manufacturer of healthy ingredients, Zhongda Hengyuan, as a co-organizer, has an in-depth understanding of healthy ingredients, inspires others, leads industrial upgrades, product upgrades, keeps up with the pulse of the times, and discusses the future development direction. Lead the industry to take a healthy path.

9:08 Speech by the leaders of China Baking Sugar Association


He first affirmed the necessity and timeliness of this meeting, and thanked the organizer Henan Zhongda Hengyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. for the thoughtful and meticulous meeting arrangements and the guests who participated in this meeting.

9:30 The meeting held a special report meeting.

1. Chen Xuejiao, Application R&D Manager of Henan Zhongda Hengyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd., made a report on "Innovative Application Solutions of Functional Plant Extract Jelly"


2、Zhou Mi, General Manager of Shanghai Runchuang Food Technology Development Co., Ltd., made a report on "Jelly-The Breakthrough of Functional Snacks"

3、Report by Yan Qingzuo, Senior Application Engineer of Dongguan Bolton Spices, "Inspirations from the New Tea Drink Market to the Development of New Jelly Products".



Wei Lili, Secretary-General of the Technical Regulations Committee of China Bake Sugar Association, reports on relevant food safety standards and regulations.



Zhang Bin, Deputy Secretary-General of China Bake Sugar Association/Secretary of Jelly Professional Committee, made a speech on "China Bake Sugar Association's Work Summary in 2020 and Main Points of Work in 2021".


Discussion and exchange on the status quo, existing problems and development directions of enterprises and industries.













After the meeting, Ms. Wen hosted a banquet for leaders and guests attending the meeting.

In his speech at the dinner, Ms. Wen said: Today’s meeting has a lively atmosphere, pragmatic and compact. I believe that everyone, like me, has gained a lot and benefited a lot. The convening of this grand event allowed us to enhance our friendship, deepen our relationship, and reach a consensus on the development of the jelly industry, full of hope!