[On-site report] 2021 China Baking Sugar Association National Jelly Industry Annual Conference and S

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8:30 According to the meeting agenda, the leaders and guests of the association attending today visited Zhongda Hengyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


8:40 Zhongda Hengyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 1993. It is a global manufacturer of multi-color natural plant extracts, a promoter and participant in the formulation of China's natural plant extract industry standards, and China's natural plant extraction equipment intelligence Chemical, modular, integrated R&D and manufacturing enterprises, and the application technology of natural plant extract preparations ranks among the top in the world.

8:50, Zhongda Hengyuan has seized the strategic opportunity of the country's "big health", increased the development of functional raw materials, made major breakthroughs in the research and development and application of health and health foods, and realized the extraction, separation and purification of plant-based raw materials. The innovation of technology and application of formulation technology provides solutions for the entire industry chain for the research and development of functional health and health food applications.

9:00 he leaders of the association came to the company, and Mr. Wen warmly greeted and took a group photo.



9:10 In the hot summer of June, the sun is shining brightly, and the wind is caressing. The hospitable Zhongda Hengyuan people warmly welcome all the guests to visit and guide. The guests at the meeting entered the company under the guidance of the staff.


9:30 Association leaders and guests took a group photo in front of the company office building.


9:40Under the leadership of President Wen, the guests entered the company exhibition hall to visit.

In the natural plant printing and dyeing exhibition hall, the colorful products are displayed, which arouses the strong interest of the visitors. Mr. Wen gave a witty introduction, and the guests watched intently.



In the company's core technology section, the guests at the meeting listened carefully to the professional explanation of Mr. Wen and expressed their sincere admiration for the company's leading technology in natural plant extraction.


In the green biological manufacturing exhibition hall, the guests at the meeting showed great interest in the company's green recycling development model and took photos.

Taste the company’s products that are both good-looking, delicious and healthy.

10:00 President Wen led the guests to the company's R&D center for a visit


10:40 与会嘉宾到生产车间进行实地考察


In the afternoon, the guests also visited Nanjie Village Group and took a group photo in front of Mao Zedong's sculpture in Nanjie Village Square.