The start-up meeting of the research project on the construction of the greenhouse gas technical sta

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n order to implement the "Henan Province Promoting Carbon Peak Carbon Neutralization Work Plan", on the afternoon of July 14th, the project "Research on the Construction of a Technical Standard System for Greenhouse Gases in Henan's Response to Climate Change" project kick-off meeting was held in Henan Zhongda Hengyuan Biotechnology Stock Co., Ltd.

From Henan Institute of Standardization, Henan Light Industry Industry Association, Zhengzhou Light Industry Industry Association, Xindeng Group Co., Ltd., Henan Zhongda Hengyuan Biotechnology Stock Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Qingneng Carbon Data Co., Ltd., and Zhongsheng Ecological Environment Co., Ltd. Experts from Zhongtian Guofu Securities Henan Branch and other units participated in the project kick-off meeting.


The meeting was presided over by Wang Shuanghua, the team leader andvice president of Henan Institute of Standardization.


Henan Zhongda Hengyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. introduced the online operation of the carbon accounting system built by the company in 2017 to the experts at the meeting.


Guo Jianjun, deputy leader of the research group and director of the Institute of Social Management and Public Service Standardization of the Provincial Institute of Standardization, reported on the basic structure of the research group, the principles and system framework for the construction of the top-level framework of the technical standard system in the field of climate change. In accordance with the spirit of the "Work Plan for Promoting Carbon Peak Carbon Neutrality in Henan Province", we will do a good job of basic, cutting-edge, and applied research on carbon neutrality in Henan Province.


Wang Weimin, deputy leader of the research team and secretary-general of Zhengzhou Light Industry Association, reported on the research ideas and the roadmap for the organization and implementation of the project. He said that the research team should integrate relevant scientific research forces, scientific research platforms, and scientific research teams in Henan Province, and list the sub-topics in the relevant fields of the “Research on the Construction of the Technical Standard System for Greenhouse Gases in Henan Response to Climate Change”, and do a good job of top-level design to achieve horizontal Research on the standard system of the side and the vertical to the end, and do a good job in the calculation of carbon emissions in Henan Province and the analysis of the prospects for reaching peaks.

Experts at the meeting agreed that the establishment of a unified and standardized accounting system in Henan Province that meets national standards and to find out the "household" of carbon emissions in our province is the top priority for carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, and a technical standard system for coping with climate change and greenhouse gas. It is the basic standard requirement for carrying out carbon peak prospect analysis.

In the next step, the Henan Provincial Institute of Standardization will organize relevant institutions and experts to advance the research on the technical standard system for climate change greenhouse gases as soon as possible, and guide various regions and industries in Henan Province to conduct a solid carbon emission survey and peak prospect analysis.