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At present, health food is a hot topic in the development of food industry.

So what characteristics should health food have?

Jin Ziheng, deputy general manager of Henan Zhongda Hengyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd., believes that naturalization and functionality are two essential characteristics of health food.


Mr. Jin said: the most critical stage in the development of ordinary industrial food to healthy food is - naturalization, replacing chemical synthetic things with natural things; On the basis of natural substitution, some herbal extracts are used to endow it with healthy and safe functions.


Recently, the official account of the "Herbridge" in the natural plant extraction industry has compiled a report by Mr.Jin, "the progress brought by scientific and research" to the functional raw materials industry, which has aroused heated discussions in the field of natural plant extraction.


Mr. Jin stressed in his article that the field of food health is a very dynamic industry at present, and the domestic health market has entered a new time.


Nutritional diagnosis and treatment has been a common medical behavior in developed countries. Food supplements are favored by the market because of their functionality and health care.


In China, with the growth of national income, the improvement of national health awareness and the improvement of living standards, people began to gradually jump from meeting the needs of basic material conditions to the pursuit of high-quality life. National health awareness began to awaken and began to slowly pay attention to daily health care and the conditioning of sub-health physique.


The natural trend of food is a hot keyword at present and even for a long time in the future, which has brought a rare opportunity for the rapid development of natural plant extraction enterprises. Mr. Jin analyzed the reasons in five aspects: firstly, the importance of the extract industry to scientific research data is to promote the rapid development of the whole industry. Secondly, the system of this industry is more scientific and sustainable, and can be extended and developed in many aspects. Thirdly, healthy extract brands are more likely to win the trust of consumers. Fourthly, cooperate with scientific research institutions and third-party institutions to create more international famous raw material brands. Fifthly, with the vigorous development of the healthy raw material industry, the whole extract industry is now in a very healthy ecological environment.


Under the general trend of health food development in the future, Mr. Jin believes that the basic research of plant extracts will bring five trends to the development of the industry:


1) Optimize the variety of raw materials, the industrial line, the extraction process and the dosage form process.In this way, enterprises can accumulate a lot of experience and data in this process, so as to be able to serve customers and provide customers with better solutions.


2) Optimize the R & D system, reduce the fault tolerance rate, and significantly increase the efficiency of R & D expenditure.For private enterprises, R & D investment and technology investment are very risky. After all, most R & D may not be able to return to the market;The extract raw material enterprise is in the front end of the food industry. As an upstream enterprise, it attaches importance to R & D and aims at functional technology research, which is the basis for strengthening and expanding. In the long run, the income efficiency of input and output is still relatively high.


3) Increase brand recognition. Zhongda Hengyuan's main product curcumin, has indeed done a lot of research. In the process of technical research and overall solutions for customers, it has accumulated a lot of data and experience in product development, enhanced the information of enterprise product promotion, and was recognized by brand customers.


4) Open market quickly, which is also the change of the whole market. The speed of product development is faster and faster, and the market has higher and higher requirements for product quality and body feeling. If the enterprise has sufficient research data, such as safety data, clinical research, dosage form research, special process development, formula overall solution, etc., it can quickly obtain customer recognition and make brand products enter the market quickly.


5) Optimize the intellectual property structure. Many companies have patent research endorsement. The intellectual property patent based on efficacy research is of great significance and is conducive to the promotion of products at home and abroad.




In Mr. Jin’s opinion, "Focus on R&D" of natural plant extraction industry will bring six advantages to the brand:


First of all, the extract companies that focus on R & D will increase the digitization of products, supported by real animal experiment, human experiment and clinical experiment data, which will be recognized by brands and consumers. This is also conducive to expand product publicity and improve the first purchase rate.

Secondly, promotion with research data as an endorsement can greatly enhance consumers' desire to buy; in addition, safe use of dosages, dosage forms, and formula research can enhance consumer experience and improve consumer satisfaction.

Thirdly, sufficient basic data is convenient for brand product development; if raw material companies do efficacy verification and evaluation, research on the mechanism of product action, and even in-depth research on multiple effects, it will be sufficient for brand promotion. Scientific research foundation; if the raw material company also has a complete solution in product formulation design and dosage form, it can save the brand time for product development and reduce the risk of product errors 

Fourthly, provide data for the accuracy of market positioning of brand companies. If the raw material companies are sufficiently accurate in the research on efficacy, understand the brand's construction of the consumption scene, and the product fits the consumption scene, then the purchase rate and dependence of consumers can be improved.

Fifthly, from the perspective of product power, it can ensure the high quality and high standard of products.


Sixthly, contribute to the sound and long-term development of the industry. With the deepening of research, the extract industry will also bring greater value to human health.


Zhongda attaches great importance to the basic research of plant extracts, and has a complete scientific research system for planting raw materials and extracting basic components; it conducts efficacy and safety research on product efficacy, and has the ability to provide overall solutions. Zhongda is using its own advantages to continue to build an influential brand in China's natural pigment industry and a model for global plant extraction industry cooperation. The curcumin Purcumin® developed by Zhongda has better stability and higher bioavailability. Curcumin has a high content of 95% and has a bioavailability 18.46 times higher than ordinary curcumin. In addition to anti-inflammatory effects of curcumin, early experiments in zebrafish and mice proved that curcumin has the effect of preventing chemical liver damage. Curcumin can be used as a coloring agent in ordinary foods. According to the requirements of GB2760, it can be used in different food classifications and the dosage is relatively small. However, Zhongda has done a more in-depth study on the safe dosage of curcumin. The study found that adults It is safe to use 2 g/kg (body weight) every day. The company has accumulated a lot of data and product development experience in the process of technical research and overall solutions for customers, and has overcome the symbiosis problem of turmeric insoluble in water. The aqueous solution is reddish brown under alkaline conditions and bright yellow under acidic conditions. Its hue is easily affected by changes in the pH value of the environment, and within the range of PH value: 2-6, it can maintain a stable bright yellow hue. Zhongda Purcumin® curcumin have many advantages of strong coloring power, safety and low toxicity, a variety of pharmacological effects. It can be used in food additives, medicine, textile dyeing and other fields, and has been widely recognized by brand customers. At the same time, curcumin as a natural, nutritious and multifunctional feed additive can also be used in animal feed. 

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