Zhongda Purcumin® Turmeric "High", "Rich" and "Handsome"

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Turmeric belongs to the same medicine and food. As a turmeric extract, curcumin is widely recognized by consumers in the international market due to its functions: anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-oxidant, improving immunity, reversing liver damage, protecting joints, and lowering blood lipids. Enhance memory, prevent Alzheimer's disease, inhibit tumor cells, etc.

 Internationally, curcumin is a relatively mature functional raw material in the field of food and beverage, ranking fifth among consumers' most popular dietary supplements, and on the list of "Annual Global Concerned Food Ingredients Formula". According to the survey of 169 supplement products circulating in the market by the Consumer Lab in the United States, all participants actively use supplements, and 82% of users take at least 4 supplements every day. As a super food, curcumin/turmeric ranks seventh.

 With the continuous fermentation of the new crown epidemic, the experiment of curcumin in the treatment of new crown infection has also been paid attention to by the medical community. In January 2021, the first clinical trial evaluating curcumin for the treatment of new crown infection was published in "Phytotherapy Research". The study subjects included patients who were 18 to 75 years old with mild to moderate clinical symptoms of COVID-19 who were ready to be hospitalized. Nearly half of the patients in the curcumin group recovered completely without any deterioration; in contrast, in the control group, only 15% of the patients recovered completely, and up to 40% of the patients got worse.

In our country, turmeric is gradually being recognized and affirmed by more consumers, and has attracted widespread attention from the domestic industry. Henan Zhongda Hengyuan Biotechnology Stock Co., Ltd., as a well-known domestic manufacturer of natural plant extracts, is more representative in its field.


Ⅰ. Zhongda Purcurmin® curcumin has high technological content

In China, curcumin is simply used as a natural pigment, and it is not difficult to extract and purify. After decades of exploration, the production and application technology has been mastered by the industry.

However, the use of curcumin as a functional raw material as a dietary supplement for food and beverages, due to the special physical properties of curcumin, has caused great confusion in the application of turmeric preparations and products in the domestic market.

Curcumin is neither water-soluble nor oil-soluble. Under normal conditions, it is impossible to be absorbed by the body. If its physical properties are not changed, its unique nutritional fortification effect as a dietary supplement can hardly be reflected in food applications. Foreign technical blockades in this area are quite strict.

Faced with the problems of curcumin preparations and product applications, Zhongda Hengyuan decided to fully overcome this key core technology after a comprehensive investigation and demonstration. Under the leadership of chairman Wen Yanjun and technical deputy general manager Li Linzheng, the company's R&D center formed a research team to attack this technical problem from both basic R&D and application R&D directions.

Falling down countless times, climbing up countless times. Every R&D technician firmly believes that "if foreigners can do it, we will definitely be able to do it"! After consulting academic classics, comparing empirical data, screening experimental programs, and after thousands of repeated trials, we finally obtained major technological breakthroughs in new extraction technology, deodorization purification technology and multiple embedding technology, and successfully applied for national patents. In order to further develop the product application system and develop healthy food, the company also introduced the zebrafish breeding system and the rat breeding system to explore and improve the basic data and basic research of curcumin.

Ⅱ Zhongda Purcumin® is rich in curcumin.

To achieve the effect of enhancing immunity and protecting liver, a large dose of turmeric is required, but this will make consumers' taste experience worse. Zhongda Purcurmin® turmeric uses a patented high steady-state technology combined with solid dispersion and microemulsification, which has 10.28 times the bioavailability of turmeric raw materials.

Zhongda Purcurmin® turmeric uses unique patented extraction and purification technology. In the HPLC experiment of 95% curcumin, the monomer curcumin content is greater than 82%.

At this time, India's monomer curcumin content was only 74%; the monomer curcumin content of other domestic companies' products was only 76%.

On the basis of the first generation of turmeric, Zhongda Hengyuan has re-established a unified implementation standard from selection, breeding, field management to harvesting and screening, relying on the full life cycle traceability system to make customers more trustworthy in product quality.

Zhongda Hengyuan has extensively cooperated with domestic universities, scientific research institutions and key enterprise research and development institutions, and has gathered scientific research forces to comprehensively optimize the company's research and development technology, and finally innovated the second generation of turmeric products.

In addition to higher overall stability than the first generation, the bioavailability of the second-generation Purcurmin® turmeric, which is 10% of the crude drug, has also increased to 18.46 times, and the patented purification and deodorization technology also makes the flavor of curcumin more pure .


   Ⅲ. Zhongda Purcurmin® turmeric products are handsome.

Zhongda Purcurmin® second-generation turmeric has also been greatly improved in terms of application stability. Purcurmin® turmeric second-generation products have also been greatly improved: the dispersibility in water is better, and precipitation is not prone to precipitation after long-term storage; it is allowed to stand in the light resistance and acid and alkali resistance experiments. After 9 days, the active ingredient retention rate is still 81.30%, which has good shelf life stability.

At the same time, under the promotion of the concept of great health, Zhongda Hengyuan Biotechnology Stock Co., Ltd. used turmeric as a food raw material to enter the fast-moving consumer goods market and developed turmeric juice drinks, turmeric soft sweets, tableted candies, solid beverages, and jelly candies. Various formulations have allowed the company's products to have more cutting-edge directions, giving customers the confidence to develop more products, and making it easier for consumers to come into contact with the concept of turmeric. Among them, turmeric juice drinks and turmeric popping jelly have made their mark at domestic exhibitions many times, and their unique taste has also been highly praised by customers and experiencers.

In the past two years, the new crown virus has raged all over the world. More and more people have begun to pay attention to healthy diet. They are eager to obtain immune enhancement from food and beverages. This is the function of curcumin, and curcumin has antiviral properties. The characteristics and its latest research on the new coronavirus will also play a positive role in promoting its application market.

Zhongda Hengyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Jin Jinheng said: Under the dual-track health food policy in 2021, it will bring new market opportunities for curcumin. Zhongda Hengyuan has increased its academic research on healthy food. Basic R&D and application R&D efforts to support the expansion of new markets in the future. The company's research and development results in turmeric products have received extensive attention from the industry, and have been invited to give keynote speeches at professional forums and conferences.


The company’s vice president, Jin Jinheng, delivered a keynote speech on the "Progress of "Heavy Technology" to the Functional Material Industry" at the 12th China Plant Extract Industry Competitiveness Improvement Forum


President Jin delivered a keynote speech on "Plant-based + Functionality Is Expected to Become the New Favorite of Food and Beverage in 2021".


The company’s R&D center Yu Chunfeng delivered a keynote speech on "Micro-dose & High Absorption PURCUMIN Turmeric Technology Upgrade, Helping to Exploit New Fields of Application" at the 9th Xinying Leadership Summit in 2021/The 3rd "Nutrition Box" Conference in 2021


The company’s R&D center Chen Xuejiao delivered a keynote speech on “The Innovative Choice of Wall Materials for Purcurmin® in Zhongda Ginger-making Purcurmin®” at the “2021 National Jelly Industry Annual Conference and Summit Forum”